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Our vision is a community where our students have the

opportunities to achieve their full potential in a global society.


To bring that vision into reality, we provide financial resources to fund superior education

and varied world experiences including, but not limited to, academics, music, athletics, arts,

and civic activities for children in the Northwood School District.

The Northwood Education Foundation, founded in 1994, is a tax-exempt, non-profit charitable organization. Since its inception it has helped forge a community partnership in education that has brought much-needed educational resources to the small, rural Northwood School.

Initially, the foundation strove to help construct the athletic fields since they were not included in the budget when the school was built at its present location along Hwy. 53 north of Minong, WI. Generous donations through the foundation accomplished what the school alone was unable to do without substantially raising taxes. 

Since then the Northwood Education Foundation has continued to help enhance the learning opportunities at the school through funding projects, programs, supplies, and workshops for Northwood's teachers and students and through providing grant development assistance.

Our Board
  • Mary Doig - President

  • Kevin Pagorek - Vice President

  • Jule Meling - Treasurer

  • Lori Adrihan

  • Jim Boughner

  • Michela Brisky

  • Katie Denninger

  • Karin Gulbrandsen

  • Alicia Hailey

  • Mike Meyer

  • Adrienne Sather

  • Ben Sorensen

Contact Us

N14463 Hwy 53, Minong, WI  54859

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