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Project Funding Requests

Select the buttons labeled below to access the project funding guidelines and request forms. 


New Playgrounds 

The Elementary and Pinecone play areas were completely revamped with new structures to encourage creativity and motor function.

Music & Drama Department Risers, robes, music stands, and a state of the art audio system to enhance our arts department.

Computer Labs

Working with the school we have provided both high school and elementary computer labs along with computer cards to bring technology right into the classroom.

Plays and Museum Trips

Whether it is seeing "The Diary of Anne Frank" in conjunction with reading the book and studying WWII history or going to the latest exhibit at the Science Museum, we firmly believe that education takes place within and outside of the classroom.

Trips to Historical Sites

History comes alive when students are able to walk in the footsteps of our founders.  We help support trips to our nation's capital and other historical sites.

Health & Wellness

We've helped support the health and wellness of our students with pedometers and supporting software for physical education classes, sports training equipment for our athletes, and water bottle filling stations throughout the school.

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